why yes you CAN use coconut oil as lube!

I’ll be honest with you: the idea didn’t even occur to me until I saw a jar of coconut oil on the shelf behind sex therapist Bat Sheva Marcus in this New York Times article.


And I thought, “…Well sure, why not!”

Google’s response, when I asked it, was the same – Women’s Health, SHAPE, Dangerous Lily all said so. It’s not latex safe or polyisoprene safe, but it is polyurethane safe and silicone safe, so use it with your toys and sex protection accordingly.


[UPDATE: currently testing it with nitrile (what fc2 internal condom is made of) – stay tuned]


I already use coconut oil for lots of things – hair, skin, cooking. Then again, I also use my silicone lube as a hair detangler, a make-up primer, and an anti-chafe solution for summer days when I wear skirts and no tights – thigh friction is no joke. (I wonder if coconut oil would work for that, too?)


One thing to consider: Coconut oil is solid at room temperature – or at least, at the temperature of my rooms, in January in Massachusetts. It melts to liquid around 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  When it’s solid, I imagine it would be a bit like a massage bar – the ones in the link are made mostly of shea butter, which is also solid at room temperature but melts at skin temp – but scooping it right out of the jar gives you a slightly crumbly mess, so it might be more convenient to use a massage bar, which often has beeswax or something similar mixed in.


Am I the last person to consider this? Are all of you already using coconut oil as lube? Is it as sexy as it is delicious?