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As of today, we are 23 days away from the release of my book, Come as You Are, which is a project that you, my dear blog readers, have helped with enormously in a number of ways. I hope that, in return, there has been stuff on the blog that has helped you.


I’m hoping you might be interested in helping in one more way. Apparently pre-orders are a good thing, my publisher tells me, so… would you maybe pre-order the book (here is the UK edition), if you have the \$13 (or \$10 for the Kindle edition).* [UPDATE: Apparently the Kindle edition is now \$12. *smh*)

If you do THIS WEEK (or if you have already), I’ve got a free thing I’d love to send you. Email me the receipt – a screen shot is just fine – and I will send you, for absolutely free, a complete wellness guide, which includes the science I teach my students about:


And the only way to get it is to pre-order the week of Feb 8!


If you’re like, “I want to buy it but I don’t have 13 bucks to blow on a book” I completely get that, it’s totally fine, and I’m perfectly happy for you to wait to get it from a library or borrow it from a friend or buy it second hand. It’s all good. You might also consider getting three friends together, chipping in like \$3.25 each (less than a latte most places) (plus shipping) and sharing it.

If you’re like, “DONE. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO HELP?” you are amazing and my hero forever and you can share this with friends and ask them to order it too. Or buy more than one and give them to the folks who don’t have the \$13 (plus shipping). That would be amazing.


And if you’re like, “What? Emily wrote a book?” click here.


So that’s my ask.

No pressure. I love you whether you have \$13 (plus shipping) or not.




* (I realize this is totally Amazon-centric and I am totally on board if you’d rather wait and buy it from a local/independent bookseller instead! It’s all good!)