10 awesome things to combine with my book, to get free shipping on Amazon

Do you do this, too? Collect stuff in your Amazon cart until you get over the $35 threshold for free shipping?

I can help with that!

As you know, I’m doing a free ebook giveaway if you pre-order my book this week. It’s (currently) $12.96 in paperback, which leaves you $22.04 away from free shipping. Here are ten great options that take you just a little bit over that threshold, and provide you with at least three fantastic reads!


1. For Totally Fun Sexytimes

Bonk($13.55), on the weird world of the science of sex, and

The Siren ($11.44), sparkingly written, sex positive, kinky, and even romantic erotica


2. For Romance:

Love Sense ($17.93), on attachment science, healthy relationship, and joyful sex, and

Flowers from the Storm ($7.99), the best romance novel ever written.


3. For Feeling Awesome Inside Your Body:

Body Respect ($12.66), Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor’s inspiring and evidence-based take-down of fat shaming and diet culture, and

Essential Rumi ($12.66), because: Rumi. My copy is dog-eared and underlined all over.


4.  For Dealing with Stress:

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers ($11.59), a fun and practical romp through the science of stress, and

Living Beautifully ($12.30), Pema Chodron’s book about the Three Commitments, to embrace “chaotic, uncertain, dynamic, challenging nature of our situation as a path to awakening”


5. For Trauma Recovery:

The Body Keeps the Score ($18.94), on the science of trauma and healing, and

What a Wallflower Wants ($5.99) (tw) A lovely romance novel about healing from sexual violence


6. For Meditators and the Mindful

Self-Compassion ($8.96), Kristin Neff’s transformative research and practice around reducing self-criticism and increasing mindfulness, self-kindness, and awareness of “common humanity;”

Pocket Pema Chodron ($7.95), a beautiful little compendium of Chodron’s wisdom; and

How to Be an Adult ($9.86), the book I refer all my students to, when they’re interested in developing secure attachment.


7. For Guys who Prioritize Women’s Sexual Pleasure (we heart you!)

She Comes First ($13.16), the go-to guide on cunnilingus and

How to Be an Adult in Relationships ($9.01), a painless and practical guide to being awesome at relationships.


8. For Poly Folks

Opening Up ($14.94) Tristan Taormino’s practical guide, and

Ecstasy is Necessary($13.21), because it is.


9. For Women Who Have Sex with Women

Sexual Fluidity ($17.61) – no one should not be aware of Lisa Diamond and her work – and

 Best Lesbian Erotica ($13.56), from the inimitable Cleis Press.Just published!


10. For Fun

Last Chance to See ($13.77), one of my all-time favorite books, and

Images You Should Not Masturbate To ($9.95), which is just fucking hilarious.


BONUS: For History and Philosophy of Science

Case of the Female Orgasm ($19.58) Interested in the evolution of female orgasm? This. and

Love at Goon Park ($10.75), Deborah Blum’s biography of Harry Harlow.




These are so expensive, you can just pick one:



Can’t get enough? I also recommend these:


Dive in! There are so many great books. These are just a few that I have loved and been inspired by.