a new metaphor for desire every week

Here’s a thing they don’t tell you about writing a book: once you’ve written the book, you are not done writing. If you’re very, very lucky, they’ll ask you to write a ton of other stuff, too. Stuff that people can read to make them go, “Hey that was interesting! Where can I learn more? Oh, there’s a whole book of this? Great!”

I’m very, very lucky, and so I haven’t written any blog posts for a month because I’ve been busy writing for everyone else on the internet. The trick is to come up with a new way of describing the thing you spent a year of your life trying to describe in the book – and you know I believe that metaphors are the key to the universe, so it’s been a month-long adventure in trying out new metaphors.

So here! Please! Have many metaphors about the science of sex:


This doesn’t even include the stuff for UK edition!

The book tour has been amazing, I learned a ton, I completely changed how I think about and teach about consent (more on that later), and I’m stunned and delighted to say that the book just barely squeaked its way on the New York Times bestseller list! – to be published April 26, I believe.

More soon, so much amaze has happened.