why I am sex educator married to Erika Moen

It’s tricky to write a review of a book that includes a review of my own book – including this, from pg. 210:


But this page perfectly illustrates (ha, see what I did there?) what I love about Erika Moen’s work:

(1) ALL BODIES ARE INCLUDED. NO, I MEAN F’REALZ. All the bodies are included, welcome, and celebrated.

(2) She nails the key points about the science – and then she puts it in a graphic format that makes it more relatable than all the metaphors and stories that I can harness.

I can’t talk about desire anymore, without talking about a lightning bolt to the genitals. KA-BOOM.

(3) She’s just NICE to everyone. I don’t know how she does it. I go on these periodic benders and rage against something-or-other, but instead, she just says, “You do you.”


In fact I’ve learned a lot from Erika about how to channel frustration and disappointment into optimism and inspiration.

I’ve also learned a lot from her Twitter (and webcomic) about her bowels. Which might be where her rage goes.


I’m so freakin’ proud of the house cross-section panel in this week’s http://t.co/RiPSCiFN8D Also: parallel fisting! pic.twitter.com/M4XpOUVNoc

— Erika Moen (@ErikaMoen) July 28, 2015

The best part about running a sex blog is tricking people into reading about my explosive diarrhea. — Erika Moen (@ErikaMoen) July 28, 2015

In short, the world of Erika Moen’s work is the world I want to live in. All bodies celebrated, science is communicated clearly and practically, and everybody – EVERYBODY – gets treated with kindness.


All of this started for me when I met my romantic euphemism. I didn’t read any comics and I had never heard of Erika. Then the euphemism handed me Dar.


So I asked her to draw the genitals for Chapter 1 of my book, and she said yes:


Then I wrote an encomium of an introduction for her first collection of OJST.

Then we did a thing together at SheBop in Portland and had SO MUCH FUN.


And now she’s my sex educator wife and therefore it’s total nepotism for me to be writing this, but IT’S TRUE:

If you are interested in playful, joyful, honest, funny, inclusive, accessible sex ed – or if there’s something in your life who, you believe, would like such a thing, GET THESE COLLECTIONS OF HER STRIPS.


If my big book filled with sciencey stuff was like, “Gah, too much!” basically OJST is just as sex positive, and way, way, way more fun.

Maybe we can start a #sexpositivepresents hashtag on twitter or something. This would be first on my list.