#obostaughtme I'm normal, and now I want to give back. So: I'm giving away books!

Our Bodies, Ourselves is raising $100,000 to supports it efforts in promoting women’s health around the world, using evidence-based health education. OBOS was the first book that taught me that I and my female body are normal. Obviously, I love them.

In order to support them beyond just making a donation, I’m offering this incentive for any of you who also donte!

Want a free copy of Come as You Are? Want additional sex positive goodies? I AM HERE TO HELP.

It’s simple:

  1. Contribute to OBOS. As much or as little feels right to you. 2. Email me at enagoski at gmail dotcom with the subject heading OBOSTAUGHTME, and include a screenshot of the thank-you page or the thank-you email – they’ll look something like this:



And (optional) promote the campaign on your own social media – especially using the #obostaughtme hashtag. 4. (Also optional) Share this page and encourage more people to get free stuff in exchange for supporting evidence-based women’s health!

And then on December 2, I’ll randomly pick six people to get a free present! Each person will receive in the mail:

PLUS a second bonus secret surprise sex-positive book.

If you’re selected, I’ll email you for your mailing address!

Thanks everybody!